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Happy Christmas from the Aardvark team

From all the Aardvark Team we wish you a Happy Christmas and the very best for 2012

This year, we have again decided to send the best cartoons of 2011 relating to the environment in place of a Christmas card and we will instead be making a donation to the Matthew Wood Foundation, Mat was a key member of the team at Aardvark and died tragically in 2004.

Click here to see the Aardvark Christmas E-card 2011 (84kb)

We hope the regular readers of our fortnightly newsletter 'Environment Matters' have enjoyed the 'and finally' articles, here are our favourites from the last year

Cows fed linseed to stop them belching  Dairy farmers in Britain are doing their bit for the environment by feeding cows a special “health food” diet to make them burp and break wind less (Telegraph 29/03/11)

Is Barbie's Latest Career as a Lumberjack in the Indonesian Rainforest?  It is the scandal that has rocked the world. No, it's not a politician caught with a mistress but a different story: Ken has dumped his longtime love, Barbie! (Environmental Graffiti 15/06/11)

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists  Rising greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report (The Guardian 18/08/11)

Inflatable Wind Turbine From The Segway Guy  The inventor who gave the world the Segway – you know, that upright-riding, personal-transportation thing – is now seeking a patent for an inflatable wind turbine (Earthtechling 03/10/11)


Thank you to all our clients, colleagues and friends for another great year.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

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