Aardvark in India 12/09/11 | Aardvark Environment Matters

Aardvark in India 12/09/11

by Stef Dua

Mark Clayton, Managing Director of Aardvark is currently on a fact finding and research trip to India looking at the performance of biogas engines for potential use in the UK micro renewable energy market.

This follows a number of studies undertaken by Aardvark in the UK over the last 2 years for various business sectors including agricultural organisations and National Parks into the use of mobile and low cost renewable energy technologies that can easily be deployed across a wide range of uses.

The prototype plants are due to be installed by the end of October and will be commissioned and trialled over the next few months before deployment.

For further information please email Mark Clayton or call the Aardvark office on 01984 624989.

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