Aardvark secures planning consent for wind turbine 06/10/11 | Aardvark Environment Matters

Aardvark secures planning consent for wind turbine 06/10/11

by Stef Dua

Aardvark has secured planning consent on behalf of Philip Dennis Food Services for a wind turbine at their site at Mullacott Cross near Ilfracombe in North Devon.

The 800kw turbine will generate sufficient renewable energy to meet the the needs of the Applicant's annual electricity demand in their adjacent factory, whereas a smaller turbine or solar PV installation would have supplied less than the annual demand. The generated electricity could be equivalent of up to 600 households.

The scheme will have a major beneficial effect on underpinning the financial viability of, and preserving the current jobs at, the Applicant’s business at the Mullacott Cross Industrial Estate and received the support of many local businesses and elected community leaders.

For more information please contact the Aardvark office on 01984 624989.

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