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Aardvark Solar PV success 24/05/11

by Stef Dua

Ahead of the Government's proposed changes to the Feed in Tariff for large scale Solar PV schemes, Aardvark has secured Planning Permission for a 245kWp solar PV scheme on 0.7ha of a green-field which contains Iron Age archaeology, is under 200m from two Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitats, 400m from a SSSI, and 1.4km direct line-of-sight from an AONB.

The Aardvark team also have negotiated the connection to the National Grid and co-ordinated the tender exercise with PV installation companies.

Aardvark is now instructed on 45kWp ground-based schemes. Larger PV schemes are on hold until the impact of the legal challenge to DECC, regarding the >50kWp PV Feed-In Tariff review is known.  The legal challenge may delay the implementation of any PV tariff reductions and DECC were due to issue their response to the legal challenge on 20 May 2011.

Should you wish to proceed with a PV scheme please email Nick Leaney or call the Aardvark office on 01984 624989

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