Corporates look for more from renewable energy 15/08/11 | Aardvark Environment Matters

Corporates look for more from renewable energy 15/08/11

by Stef Dua

Aardvark has seen a corporate shift in approach to harnessing natural resources on their operational and investment sites for the generation of renewable energy.

Nick Leaney, head of the Planning & Development division at Aardvark has seen a marked change in approach, with developers in particular looking at integrating renewables into their masterplanning.

 "Clients are increasingly looking at the cost/benefit analysis of off-setting future energy costs on an equal level to the Feed in Tariff as the underlying investment viability consideration for installing renewable energy.

The best example recently was Aardvark's work with Hendra Holiday Park advising them through the planning process for their 1.15MW solar plant which will deliver up to 65% of the annual energy demand".

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