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DECC announces changes to CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme 04/07/11

by Mark Clayton

Whilst the Aardvark Energy and Carbon team are currently in the six week window of supplying accurate data on clients CRC qualifying energy uses ahead of the July 31st deadline for submission, DECC has announced the latest set of proposed changes to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme which will be made in April 2013.  The consultation for the proposed changes is scheduled for early 2012.

The main points are as follows;

  • The qualification rules are changing and the threshold for participants may be reduced.  Organisational, Landlord/tenant and trusts rules will be changed to try to address current problems.
  • Reduced list of heating fuels which for CRC purposes will be restricted to electricity, gas and kerosene and diesel
  • Sites covered by CCA and EU ETS will be exempted from the scheme
  • The 90% rule will no longer apply and there will be no requirement for footprint reports or residual measurement lists.
  • From the second phase there will be two yearly sales of fixed price allowances - the second more expensive than the first for participants to meet their liability
  • An issue that we have seen as being important for our clients is that the performance league table will be retained
  • Financial penalties await participants supplying inaccurate or late CRC data. 

The Aardvark team is using the carbon auditing and tracking software platform, to collate the data for clients and their liability.

For all CRC enquiries please call 01984 624989 and speak to Mark Clayton or Jack Spurway or email

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