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Headlines from 09 February 2012 FiTs announcement 09/02/12

by Stef Dua

Headlines from 09 February 2012 FiTs announcement:

  • Tariffs for non-PV schemes to reduce on 01 October 2012, not 01 April
  • Post 01 April 2012, all PV schemes grid-connected through a building must present the EPC for that building with a rating higher than ?D? to get their subsidy
  • Full tariffs for owners of multiple PV schemes lifted from 1 scheme to 25 schemes; good news for everyone from multi-site land and building owners, institutional landlords, EIS investment schemes to community renewables CICs ? we put investors and landowners together
  • Ofgem may get powers to cancel FiT tariffs for schemes without statutory permits ? i.e. Planning and Environmental Permits

For full details of the changes to FiTs on non-Solar PV technologies and how Aardvark can help you realise renewable energy projects click here

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