Improving energy efficiency to reduce CRCEES carbon tax liability 22/08/11 | Aardvark Environment Matters

Improving energy efficiency to reduce CRCEES carbon tax liability 22/08/11

by Stef Dua

Aardvark has been appointed by a leading UK property company to undertake a review of their UK property portfolio to improve energy efficiency to reduce their CRCEES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme) carbon tax liability.

Aardvark are providing detailed recommendation reports as to cost effective ways of reducing energy use within the property portfolio. This will provide property managers with the information they need to reduce energy use and hence mitigate the CRC liability and improve their position in the league table.

While carrying out inspections the Aardvark team will gather any additional data/measurements required for both BREEAM in Use (BiU) and EPC purposes. Much of this data will be required for the recommendation reports, therefore collecting the remaining data during these inspections will provide substantial time (and therefore cost) savings by reducing the amount of data that is collected multiple times by multiple people.

Two properties will be used as BIU exemplars and as such will require additional data collection.

EPCs will be produced for all properties for both BIU and statutory purposes. These EPCs will be officially lodged on the government?s register and will be valid for 10 years, whether or not there are changes to the building services in the meantime. This will almost totally mitigate the need for any statutory EPCs within the next 10 years.

As improvements are carried out to the properties the Aardvark EPC software will allow the team to easily reflect the improvements by producing revised ratings. These can then be used in the BIU system to create better ratings and will also be reflected in the EPC benchmarking carried out in the client's CSR business plan.

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