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Outstanding Ofgem payments acquired for clients

by Sara Ferretti

In March 2020 Aardvark EM Ltd secured £3.9 million outstanding RHI payments from Ofgem for AD clients.

Between March and April 2020, Aardvark EM Ltd succeeded in securing several years? of outstanding payments under the RHI Scheme on behalf of four different Anaerobic Digestion operators in the UK. Some of the AD Plants are located in England, others in Scotland.

Three of the AD operators produce biogas for upgrading to biomethane and injection into the National Gas Grid, the fourth fuels a Combined Heat and Power system which in turn supplies some heat-intense processes on site. All four AD Plants are accredited to the RHI Scheme but had failed to receive any payments from Ofgem for over three years due to various non-compliance issues.

With a total net worth of £3,852,000.00, Aardvark first tackled and resolved the numerous non-compliance problems. Aardvark then brought the different RHI Accounts up-to-date, and finally started engaging with Ofgem on behalf of their clients, with the aim of obtaining the payments accumulated during the years.

After months of negotiations with Ofgem and previous success in securing smaller payments for other heat generating installations located on the same sites but separately accredited to the RHI Scheme, the big result arrived at the end of March and all the long-outstanding payments were received by the end of last week. 

Aardvark AD team not only specialises in on site remedial work - we deliver compliance too. 

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