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Collaboration with Oxford Brookes MBA Programme

by Nick Leaney

Aardvark was delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Oxford Brookes MBA programme to help unlock the potential for internationalization of our innovative energy technology knowledge.  The students were able to draw on the team's experience of exporting knowledge to Canada to identify key performance indicators, potential market barriers and ways to capitalise on the favourable economic and political climate for renewable energy.  The MBA students' final report and presentation has provided us with a useful and valuable framework going forward and we have already implemented some of their recommendations.

Aardvark continues to seek opportunities to integrate with leading energy, environment and sustainability academic programmes with UK Universities and we are excited to have been invited to participate in future MBA project collaborations with Oxford Brookes University as well as with the One Planet MBA programme at the University of Exeter.

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Successful Material Change for Anaerobic Digestion and Composting Facilities

by Mark Clayton

Aardvark EM Limited were part of the advisory team to Foresight Group on the successful acquisition of the Material Change portfolio which comprises of anaerobic digestion (AD) and composting facilities. Aardvark's role was to provide assessments of feedstock supplies of both purpose grown crops and wastes for two AD plants: one generating 2.8 MW of electricity and one providing 430 m3/hr of biomethane into the gas network. In addition, Aardvark assessed digestate management options and the requirements regarding storage, spreading and nutrient recovery from this product.

 Aardvark EM Ltd is a specialist supplier of services and solutions to the AD and organic waste sector, which include:

  • Plant optimisation - enhancing the performance of operation of plants
  • Feedstock valuations - using its tool Feedsum to compare feedstock values against their actual gas production and hence worth
  • Digestate management using Landspread -  Aardvark's proprietary tool developed specifically to determine storage requirements, number of spreading days and nutrient recovery across the UK.
  • Plant recovery; stepping in to provide WAMITAB qualified technical support for poorly performing plants

Aardvark has an experienced technical team that has had significant involvement in over 30 AD schemes in the UK and 8 internationally. The company has also run its own small-scale AD system since 2012 at its base in Somerset and so has the hands-on practical experience to understand technical, operational and biological requirements for running fully commercially fundable AD operations.

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Planning Implications of Changing Technology During the Construction Phase of a Project

by Jack Spurway

Aardvark senior consultant Jack Spurway considers planning implications of rapidly changing technology in the renewable energy sector during the construction phase of a project. It is a common occurr...

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25 Year Environment Plan - Farm Diversification Challenges and Opportunities

by Kirsty Lodge

The support given to farming communities over the years has, in principle, been unaltered, however it is now foreseen that in time the Government will require landowners to 'give back' to gain similar...

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