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Feeling the benefit of driving on a ‘green wave’

by Nick Leaney

You know that feeling when you drive towards a green light and it turns red a few metres before you get there? Frustrating, isn't it. Think also about the extra fuel you use accelerating to 'beat' the...

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Changes to standard permitting rules and storage of waste for landspreading

by Nicole Orme

An amended set of standard permit rules for landspreading and storage of waste for landspreading was announced by the EA on 6 January.

The changes follow the government consultation that ran at the beginning of 2015.

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Environment Matters - 2017 Back Issues

by Nicole Orme

An archive of our 2017 Environment Matters Newsletters

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Planning Consent Secured for Gas to Grid On-Farm AD Plant

by Nicole Orme

On behalf of a retained client, Aardvark has secured unanimous consent at planning committee for an On-Farm Gas to Grid AD plant in Staffordshire, which will produce enough green gas each year to prov...

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